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LCD display for PGen pulse generator LCD display (P20.051) controls PGen pulse generator and displays actual parameters. It operates 1 to 3 channels of our pulse generator with LCD firmware P20.040. Operation of pulse generator is determined by input parameters: frequency, duty cycle, pulse repetition count. Frequency and duty cycle determin pulse on (µs on) and pulse off time (µs off).  On  and off values can also be directly changed. You can change all parameters by turning rotary encoders and corresponding fields are updated immediately. A terminal program can display a parameter overview via USB. You can choose whether parameter change shall be active immediately or shall be delayed until an update function has been initialized.   You can choose for each single pulse sequence if PLL lock shall be active. If yes all sweep frequencies are updated permanently. All field values can be varied by turns. An increment field gives the value change for a single turn. This is useful for harmonic frequency and gating search too. For each channel up to 8 pulse sequences can be defined. Is there a single value µs off in a line pulse generator creates a gating pulse off time (space) after each pulse sequence.   Incorrect parameters are rejected.. LCD Display is delivered without board.